Screen Printing

Our Screen Printing Process

Screen printing is using a mesh to transfer layers of ink onto a surface or substrate, such as an article of clothing. The mesh is blocked out by a blocking stencil to achieve the desired design. 

Once you have placed your order, we will review the artwork or art concepts you have provided. We will make any changes necessary to get the design to print optimally. Once completed, you will receive an email with an art proof showing the design, as well as approximate placement on the selected garment, colors to be printed, and size of the design. Please check and double check ALL SPELLING, PHONE NUMBERS, NAMES and information in your design. Once you approve the design, we get started.

We use a PMS color book to reference colors and speak the same color language without relying on the computer monitor. Location and size are also estimated, however, we will show the size of each imprint on the proof. Once your artwork is approved, your order is sent into production.

After receiving the final “artwork approval” we will output the artwork onto film. Depending on whether your artwork is 1 color or a more advanced multi-colored design, a separate film, and a separate screen has to be created for each color in your design. The process in which we separate and deconstruct your artwork into individual colors, is called color separation.

When it is time to create the screens, your artwork is sent to the pre-press area for processing. Your artwork gets exposed onto pre-stretched screen(s) that have been coated with a photo-reactive emulsion. This screen has been coated, dried and kept in a climate controlled dark room until ready for use. The film is then put on a specialized light table one by one and exposed to a special light to “burn” the artwork onto the screen(s).

Once the screens are prepped they are locked and registered onto our Antec printing press and loaded with ink. We offer a full range of high-quality, standard ink colors as well as PMS color mixing to match any color in your design. 

So now the design is set up on the press, the inks are loaded on the screens and we are ready to print. Shirts are separated into sizes, quality checked for correct colors, correct information and accurate quantities before being boxed. 

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